Digital Marketing

Gift a flourish to your business.

Carve a classic Online Marketing strategy!

Digital / Online Marketing is a set of process done on  the web, to connect a company's products or services to it's potential customers, and build it's brand - grow the Customer base - increase the sales & revenue, and, to repeat it consistently to orchestrate a sustainable online business.

Digital / Online Marketing is a composite of 6 Core vitals. A lot goes into exercising this.

The composites of a digital / online marketing exercise is discussed here to throw more light on the subject.

You can deploy all six and maximize your revenue. But the first four cannot be spared!

Keyword Research

Keyword Research makes the basis of an online business website's life cycle. Content structuring, content development (inclusive of Keyword rich copy), and On-Page SEO are all the initial phases of Digital marketing.

These can never be skipped when considering digital marketing, as Keywords are the pivot to Content, Campaigns, and advertising.

Content Marketing

'Content' is a term - in web technology - covering the copy, image, and video for web, blog, campaign, or advertisement. And these should be laced with these Keywords (including long tall keywords) to appear in Google search results.

'Content layout' is vital, as scrupulous stacking or ordering of the Content only will convince the user and assist conversion. Effective placement and naming of the CTA (call to action button) also play a crucial role in converting.

Search Marketing. 

All exercises done towards Google Search Ranking is Search Marketing.

Google Search Results Page (SERP) is of three layers. The first is Google ads. The second is the Google Business Profile listing, and the third is The Organic Search listings.

Provisions of appearing in Image search results, video search results, and shopping search results are also equally countable.

Social Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube have all gained an inevitable place in the branding and promotion activities of an Online business.

Campaign strategies carry Content like images and videos. Here, ads take the front seat over organic promotions. And the responses are directly proportional to the ad spent.

So, constant evaluation of ROI is crucial in Social media marketing.

Email Marketing.

Email marketing is a vital follow-up tool for client acquisition and upselling days age-old. Email marketing is misunderstood with bulk mailing to everyone and felt as not that useful exercise.

But, this is a fabulous tool for acquiring a prospective online visitor. In creating the mailing list, from there-on go along the whole life cycle of that visitor.
Automation, data analysis, and more get to make this email marketing a great boon to Online businesses. Mailchimp, SendBlue, and, Convert It help businesses and digital marketers reap a better ROI.

WhatsApp / Conversational Marketing

Marketing through WhatsApp is widespread among individuals and small-timers. So, do not be spared by Online business groups. WhatsApp messaging of text, images, and videos has pushed this platform to be synonymous with mobile marketing.
Email marketing.